About us

Beijing by heart is a small independent group that organises walking tours and customized visits of Beijing and its neighbouring sites. Our founders, two alumni of the National Institute of Oriental Languages and Cultures in Paris, have been living in Beijing for several years. They both worked as co-writers for the Beijing Cityguide book published by Louis Vuitton.

Our values

Quality: Our tours are carefully prepared, the itineraries are designed in order to feature sites, topics and themes that we take to heart and in doing so we hope to provide an interesting and unique experience for tourists and residents alike.

Honesty: Beijing by heart is an independent group that respects travellers and as such we have no affiliation and receive no commission from any shop. The advertised price for our tours is always the total price.

Interaction: All our discovery walks are designed for small groups of up to six people, so as to allow for free interaction and conviviality. We want every participant to be able to engage us in a discussion and ask as many questions as they want.

Curiosity: We take care to include sites off from the beaten track in each of our walks, great finds that are often neglected by traditional tour groups and guidebooks. We aim at showing a more hidden side of Beijing, one that is often only known by its older residents and the most adventurous of explorers.